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More frequent risk of flooding for South Florida homes in the next 30 years

I saw a lot of tweets last night from Charleston SC about the impact of the current king tide on urban flooding in that city. Many streets were awash in sea water that was driven up by the higher than normal tides caused by the new moon. Here is a similar story about urban flooding in south Florida as sea level rises cause streets and homes to flood far more often than they have in the past, even when there is no king tide or storm surge. As you can imagine, it is starting to affect property values in the subdivisions most prone to flooding. In the future it will also affect municipal tax streams and insurance rates. You can read more from WLRN at

A second article from Reuters notes that housing prices on Key Biscayne near Miami are starting to feel the pinch from the rising sea levels. You can read more at

Source: National Park Service via Commons Wikimedia