Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Mining old bicycling videos for climate clues

National Geographic posted an interesting story today on changes in climate that were observed by looking at video footage of a famous Belgian bicycle race that has been held every April since 1929. In looking at the footage of the race, scientists noticed that in the early years of the race, the trees next to the race course almost never had leaves, whereas in later years the trees were almost always leafed out. By viewing 200 hours of old video footage of the race at a few strategic spots along the course, they were able to determine that the trees were sprouting almost two weeks earlier at present than in the 1980’s, when good video footage became available. This change is in line with changes in temperature during that period. If you like bicycling or phenology, you will enjoy this article at

Peloton / Bannberg (1268m) Mountains / Landscape / during the 42nd Tour of the Alps 2018, Stage 4 a 134,4km stage from Chiusa/Klausen to Lienz on April 19, 2018 in Lienz, Austria.