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30 years ago the climate change debate really heated up

Almost 30 years ago, on June 23, 1988, NASA scientist James Hansen told Congress and the world that global warming wasn’t approaching — it had already arrived. The testimony of the top NASA scientist, said Rice University historian Douglas Brinkley, was “the opening salvo of the age of climate change.” Before that, most scientists knew that increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere were likely to raise the earth’s temperature but it was not common knowledge in most American households. This event galvanized supporters and skeptics of global warming, provoking a debate that is now more heated than ever (pun intended).  Seth Borenstein of AP has posted two stories this week on the global warming debate that you may find informative. I believe he is intending to do a series so more may be posted later this week.

Warned 30 years ago, global warming ‘is in our living room’

Looking for signs of global warming? It’s all around you

If you watch television weather on Thursday June 21, the summer solstice, you may also see them wearing an article of clothing such as a tie with the color pattern shown in this blog. This is not a random pattern but shows the increase in temperature of the earth over the last century. You can read more about their message at Forbes here.