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Zillow shows that 1.9 million homes could be underwater if sea level rises posted an interesting story this week which shows the potential loss of properties if sea level rises an average of 6 feet by 2100.  Of course we don’t know for sure that it will rise six feet, and certainly the rise in sea level won’t be uniform across the coasts because of local contributing factors. But according to their report, that amount is “roughly midway between the high end of what the government (considered a conservative source) says is “very likely” (4.3 feet) and the possibility of an 8-foot or greater rise than “cannot be excluded.””  Some areas, including a number of cities in the Southeast, could see a significant number of properties underwater. For example, Saint Simons Island in southeast Georgia could lose up to 42% of its properties. You can see maps of some areas and see estimates of what kinds of housing would be lost by value category for a number of coastal cities at