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Nate makes landfall, rushes towards Alabama

Hurricane Nate made its first landfall on the mouth of the Mississippi River this evening and is now moving to the north and expected to make a second landfall on the coast of Mississippi in a few hours with 85 \ mph winds.  As expected it will take a more northeastward track and accelerate as it gets pushed by the jet stream, so it will move quickly through the Southeast tonight and tomorrow. Strong gusty winds, heavy rain, and some tornadoes are already occurring around and ahead of the storm, so monitor conditions in your area closely. Areas along the coast are expected to have storm surges of up to 9 feet as the storm approaches.

This is the last update I will do for Nate on my blog, although I will continue to retweet and share stories on Twitter  at @SE_AgClimate and Facebook at SEAgClimate. You should be prepared for the storm to move through on Sunday, especially if you are in Alabama or Georgia, which are nearest the path of the storm. Follow guidance from your local National Weather Service office or other reputable forecaster.