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Updated information on Hurricane Irma

My social media is flooded with a variety of information on Hurricane Irma, its current position and strength, images from the islands it has hit, and speculation about where it is going next.  Here is one detailed description from one of the more reliable sources other than the National Hurricane Center at

If you are anywhere in Florida other than the western Panhandle or if you are in southeast Georgia, you are now in the 5-day cone of possible hurricane locations. Don’t focus too much on the middle of the cone, since this storm is several hundred miles across and the strong winds cover a wide area.  There is still plenty of uncertainty about exactly where in the cone the storm will go, which they discuss in the report.  Breathe and get your preparations done in the next couple of days.

One person online mentioned that it might be a good idea to pay bills and mail them or submit them online in the next couple of days since mail or internet might be out after the storm passes (unless you have them paid automatically), and that seems like a good idea to me. Also, now is a good time to pick up all the loose items in your yard so they aren’t picked up by the wind and become a missile.  Your neighbors will thank you!