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“Tropical Storm Cindy Could Become America’s Latest Flooding Nightmare”

As we watch the development and northward motion of Tropical Storm Cindy, you might be wondering what impacts the Southeast will see from the storm.  Currently the storm is forecast to move to the west of us, probably making landfall in eastern Texas. But the Southeast will be in the right front quadrant of the storm, which could mean copious rain, gusty winds, and possibly some tornadoes as the storm moves along its path.  Here are a couple of articles discussing what impacts could be seen.

Eric Holthaus in Pacific Standard:

Bob Henson in Weather Underground:

Enhanced infrared satellite image of Tropical Storm Cindy as of 7:52 am EDT Wednesday, June 21, 2017. The location of Cindy’s center of circulation as of 8:00 am EDT is shown by the star. Image credit: NASA MSFC Earth Science Office.