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Anniversary of Hurricane Floyd

You might remember the chaos caused by Hurricane Floyd traveling up the East Coast. ¬†From the Facebook page for “This Day in Weather History”:

September 12th, 1999 – Hurricane Floyd, a Category 4 storm with top winds of 145 mph, was making residents along the U.S. East Coast very nervous as it steamed steadily westward. Floyd was once forecast to strike Florida but turned away. Instead, Floyd hit the Bahamas at peak strength, causing heavy damage. It then paralleled the East Coast of the United States, causing massive evacuations and costly preparations from Florida through the Mid-Atlantic States. The image is a visual comparison of Hurricane Floyd and Hurricane Andrew. The two storms are at similar positions and nearly identical intensities (933 mbar), but Hurricane Floyd is remarkably larger.

If you’re on Facebook and like to read stories about historical weather, check out this page! ¬†This time of year lots of stories about hurricanes, but many other events as well.