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Wettest November to date for Athens GA and Charlotte NC

Here in Athens GA we are our 8th day in a row of rain.  It is raining as I write this.  The last time we had a November with this many consecutive days of rain it was 1930.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow here too, with 2-4 inches possible.  The record for a run of days in November with measurable rain is 10, set in late November into December in 1914.  So if we get rain here on Tuesday we will tie the record for November.

So far Athens has received 6.0 inches, not including what is falling now.  That is the wettest start to November we have ever had, smashing the old record of 3.76 inches set in 1977.  It is also the 12th wettest November as a whole for the city, not even including what will fall later this month.  But it is unlikely we will beat the all-time  November record of 14.98 inches set in 1948.

Athens is not the only place that is receiving a lot of rain.  The map below from the Southeast Regional Climate Center’s Perspectives tool shows the stations that are ranked in the top ten wettest Novembers through this morning.  In addition to Athens’ #1, Charlotte NC is also ranked #1, Atlanta and Columbus GA are ranked #2, and many other stations are in the top five wettest to date.  Down in Florida, by comparison, many stations there have received no rain at all, making them tied for the driest November to date (dark browns).

nov to date 2015 precip rank