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Happy birthday CoCoRaHS!

The Community Collaborative Rain Hail and Snow network, called CoCoRaHS for short, is a network of volunteer precipitation observers across the US and now into Canada as well.  They collect daily rainfall observations in a set of uniform rain gauges and enter the data into their website at  Today is CoCoRaHS’s 17th birthday.  Here is some information from their message of the day:

“Wednesday is CoCoRaHS Day. The CoCoRaHS website was launched June 17, 1998 — officially marking the beginning of this volunteer rain gauge network. One hundred beginner weather observers reported that day. We now have over 20,000 rain gauge observers who send in reports regularly or occasionally. Let’s celebrate our 17th anniversary with everyone sending in their CoCoRaHS daily precipitation reports and setting a new all-time record for most CoCoRaHS reports in one day. Let’s shoot for 13,000+ reports and break the record!”

This morning’s map below shows the dry conditions across most of the Southeast and the heavy rains in Texas associated with TS Bill, including one report of 11.77 inches!  Note that most of the West Coast observers have not yet entered their 7 am report at the time I grabbed this map.

So if you are a CoCoRaHS observer, don’t forget to send in your report today, even if it is a zero as it is here in most of the Southeast.  We’re cuckoo for CoCoRaHS!

cocorahs_logo  coco 6-17-2015