Last week I talked about mesonets in general and listed several around the Southeast.  Today I am going to focus on the Georgia Automated Environmental Monitoring Network (GAEMN).  You can find them at  This is a network of 81 automated stations around Georgia run by the University of Georgia which collect weather data at 5 to 15 minute increments and report it via their web site.  Their web site is currently being updated; I will post a note when the new web site is up.

Historical data for the stations is currently available back to 2000, although some of the stations have been in operation much longer than that.  The data are used by agricultural producers, utility companies, lawyers, educators, and scientists around the region.  A study of just one station, Camilla, showed that it provided a value of almost $850,000 per year in weather and climate observations as well as tools that can help producers schedule irrigation, watch for frosts, and monitor degree days.

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