After a nice weekend, get ready for a very wet week ahead for everywhere in the Southeast except for south Florida.  The 7-day QPF show that places in the Southeast may get up to seven inches (updated from 5 inches this morning–see both maps below with newer map on the right) of rain in the coming week, although those numbers are likely to be on the high side.   Once the front that passed through central AL and GA yesterday moves out of the area, the weather should be nice for Saturday and Sunday.  But by Sunday night, rain starts moving back into the area from the west, and significant rain is expected across the region for most of the week.  This is going to make it very difficult for farmers to get work done in the field and may lead to lingering problems later in the month.  Unfortunately, the above normal rainfall is expected to continue into the second week, so conditions may not improve in the near term.

Rain may saturate the ground in some areas, leading to the potential for flooding in low-lying areas later in the week and month.  Keep abreast of developing conditions and make sure animals and equipment are on higher ground.

The rain should put a dent or even eliminate drought and abnormally dry conditions in most of the Southeast. However, most of the rain will miss south Florida, which could mean an expansion of the drought in that area in the coming weeks.

7 day 4-11-2015  qpf 4-11-2015 afternoon

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