The storm that will be moving into the Southeast over the next few hours has been watched closely by meteorologists for potential impacts that could negatively affect folks here in the Southeast.  Early models indicated that there was a possibility for snow which excited a lot of my friends here in the South. Yesterday, new model runs indicated that there was more of a chance of freezing rain than snow and shifted the timing to later in the week.

The latest forecasts now indicate that the biggest impacts from the storm are likely to be in far northern Alabama and Georgia and areas to the north of that.  Most of Georgia and Alabama are now expected to see mainly a cold rain, with some scattered sleet and snowflakes mixed in early.  Later in the day on Monday the rain may change to freezing rain, which could cause problems for drivers.  Any water left on the road is likely to freeze on Tuesday and again on Wednesday mornings, leading to treacherous driving conditions.  For a complete write-up of the weather situation in Northeast Georgia, please visit

NWS advisory for 2-15-2015

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