The cold morning weather this weekend reminded me that the date of first frost is approaching for parts of the Southeast.  The average first 32 F frost in northeast Georgia occurs by October 10 in the hilly areas, although the dates are later and later the farther south you go in the state.  Last weekend the coldest temperatures were on Sunday, October 5, according to this map from cli-MATE (  The map, which is based on gridded data, does not show any areas that reached below freezing, but I have heard several comments from CoCoRaHS observers and others that a few isolated areas reached 32 F or lower.

min temps 10-5-2014

If you are interested in the average frost dates for your location, there are several sources you can use.  The cli-MATE web site has statistical information by station across the US and includes the ability to determine average frost dates.  Another site I found that looks promising is, which provides a map of average first frost date for Georgia as well as links to other states.  The ads are a bit distracting (I have whited them out in the screen capture below) but the map allows you to zoom, which is useful.

plantmaps first frost map