If you are holding an event and weather is a concern, either because the event is outside or people are traveling for a ways to attend, it is important to keep an eye on weather conditions before the event happens.  Early this year in February several events needed to be canceled due to the ice storm which hit east central Georgia, including Augusta and Athens.  This week at SRECA someone in the livestock reminded me that EDEN (Extension Disaster Education Network) has a great resource that pulls together weather and hazard maps onto one comprehensive web page.  You can find this map page at https://weather.uky.edu/php/next48.php.  Once there, you can customize for your state.  It won’t replace a good forecast but will provide quick access to a lot of the tools that might be needed to help you decide if holding your event is the right thing to do, or to help you make contingency plans for rain or other adverse conditions.