After the quick passage of TS Arthur along the East Coast, the Southeast has been relatively dry and less humid than usual.  The beginning of this week should be fairly dry across the state, although isolated showers could occur, especially in the south and along the coasts.  Humidity will rise as the week progresses.  The next chance of rain is likely to be Tuesday to Wednesday for most of the state.

Keep in mind that normal rainfall is about an inch a week, so the next few days look a little drier than normal before things start to get wetter later in the week.  Rain will be welcome, especially in east central Georgia where short-term dry conditions are starting to show up.

The climatology for July hurricanes is similar to June’s.  Most of the storms develop in the Gulf of Mexico or along the East Coast rather than the classic Cape Verde storms that occur later in the season.  No sign of activity now, but it is still early in the season.