4-H Newsletter from Camden County

Hello Parents and 4-H’ers!

The school year is coming to an end, and this means that it’s time to plan for summer fun!  Keep reading to find out all that we have planned for this summer!

Also, we have just a few more spots left in our camps.  If you want to go, please send us an email or call the office!

Shawnie Sahadeo, 4-H Agent – ssahadeo@uga.edu

Shawn clark, 4-H educator – shawn.clark@uga.edu

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The Camden Clover – Your Monthly 4-H Newsletter – April 2023

Because our newletter is fully accessible to everyone, the newsletter is also written out in plain text without all the graphics. An equal opportunity, affirmative action, veteran, disability institution.

4-H Pledge

I pledge my Head to clearer thinking, my Heart to greater loyalty, my Hands to larger service, and my Health to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world.


Follow the link below where we list all of our registration links. You can join our Facebook group, e-newsletter, and find the latest on all of our activities here. Website address: Flowpage Web Link

4-H Volunteers Make A World of Difference

Every one of our out-of-school activities is led or supported by volunteers: BB Team, Cooking, STEM, Fishing, and lots more.  Volunteers give freely of their time and talents, and are the heart of 4-H.  Make sure you tell them “THANK YOU!” the next time you see them!

4-H Guided Relaxation

Audio Guided Relaxation from Ms. Shawnie! This was done in our 5th grade classrooms and is a great way to relax and can be used to help you fall asleep! NOTE – you will need to click play (sideways triangle) when the page loads in order to listen.

Congratulations to our 4-H Spirit Winners!

SUGARMILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL collected the most points overall and MARY LEE CLARK ELEMENTARY had the highest amount of points per student (57!)

Point Totals:

  • SES         5459
  • MLCES  4816
  • MHES    3408
  • KES         3142
  • SMES     2935
  • WES       2865
  • DLR        2018
  • CRES      1125
  • MLG      915

4-H Summer Program Calendar

  • May 22: Teen Leader Training
    • For 7th-12th grade 4-H’ers interested in getting certified to Teen Lead at events and camps.  Cost is $20 and includes lunch and official teen leader name tag.
  • May 25: Fishing Day with DNR!
    • Travel with us to DNR Coastal Resources Division in Brunswick for fun fishing and environmental education activities.  Need 2 teen leaders, 4-H’ers of all ages welcome.Cost is $10.
  • May 26: Fishing Day with DNR!
    • Travel with us to DNR Coastal Resources Division in Brunswick for fun fishing and environmental education activities.  Need 2 teen leaders, 4-H’ers of all ages welcome.Cost is $10.
  • June 1: Cooking and Art Day with 4-H
    • Come learn, cook, and create with us at the 4-H office in Woodbine!  Need 2 teen leaders, 4-H’ers of all ages welcome.  Cost is $10 and includes lunch.
  • June 6: Summer Waves Trip
    • Let’s join with our 4-H friends from surrounding counties for a day of fun at Summer Waves!  Open to 4-H’ers of all ages.  Cost is $30 plus lunch/spending money.
  • June 9: STEM Day–Model Rockets, anyone?!
    • STEAM is a dream!  Let’s use our heads for out of this world thinking as we build and launch model rockets and learn by doing some fun STEM activities! Cost is $5
  • We will also be doing programs with our local libraries!  Come see us at one of these events:
    • May 31: Camden County Library Summer Kickoff/Water Party
    • June 5: Camden County Library Summer Program
    • July 12: St. Marys Library Summer Program
  • Registration for all of our events will begin in May, and will be first come, first served, as space is limited!  Registration forms will be available on our FB page, in our E-newsletter, and at our office.
  • We hope to see you at one (or more) of these programs!

4-H Summer Camp News

  • It’s almost time for camp!  We are so excited about our upcoming camping experiences. Here are some upcoming things you need to know about:
  • Camp Orientation Meeting (MANDATORY for all first time campers): April 27, 6:45 pm at the College of Coastal Georgia.  Campers and Parents needed here! We will be going over plans for drop off, pick up, and things you need to know to help make camp a great experience.  We will also be accepting payments 30 minutes before the meeting starts, and after the meeting if needed.
  • ONIONS: if you sold onions to help pay for camp, we will have those available for pick up at the college before (5-6pm) and after the camp meeting on April 27.  If this doesn’t work for you, please pick them up at our office on April 28.
  • Camp Balances: See below for the due dates for remaining camp balances.  Payments can be mailed in or dropped off at our office, or turned in at our orientation meeting. Cash or check only, please:
  • Senior/Junior/Marine Resource Camps: MAY 1
  • Cloverleaf Camp  (4th-6th ) grades: MAY 16