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Late Planted Peanut Decisions and Spray Options

  1. Planting decisions are what’s on everybody’s minds right now, and I wanted to make sure and address peanuts as well. What is too late to plant peanuts and when is yield going to start being affected? When should we consider planting another crop? Extension Peanut Agronomist Scott Monfort helps us answer some of these questions.

The last two years with the increased acres, we have planted until late June.  There are some risk and loss of yield potential with planting this late.  First, growers need to be aware of the crop insurance deadline for peanut planting for complete coverage. It is June 5th and a late deadline of June 15th with a price coverage penalty.  Coverage is reduced by 1% for each day after the final planting date that peanuts are planted up to June 15.  Acreage planted after June 15 is not insured unless planting was delayed by an insured cause of loss.  Growers need to talk with their crop insurance company for more details.

Secondly, yield potential does start to decline 10 to 20 % once you plant beyond May 31.  Planting in June puts harvest somewhere in November. 

Typically in late October into November, the low temperature can begin to dip into the 40’s and 50’s. Therefore, there is always a risk when planting in June that cool, or cold, temperatures in mid to late October will reduce the potential to reach optimal maturity, which reduces yield and grade potential.  No one knows what will happen this fall. If we remain warm in late October and early November like we did in the last few years, then we should be able to mature out this year’s crop, even those acres planted in mid-June.  The bottom line is growers need to assess the risk of late planting peanut compared to other crops.  With this in mind I would recommend growers planting another crop after June 15th.

Here is some data on 06-Gs from 2010-2012 showing how planting date affects yield.



2. I’ve also received some questions on tank mixes for peanuts regarding throwing in a fungicide with our first weed spray because it’s been too wet to get out there since planting. If you are considering doing that, please feel free to call me if you are unsure about compatibility because there are some products where we run into that problem.