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March 2021

  • Cold Temperatures and POST Field Corn Herbicide Applications (Prostko) Over the next few days (April 1-4), low daily air temperatures are expected to drop below 50 and even 40 degrees in many areas.  Consequently, I would encourage any field corn grower who wants to make a POST herbicide application during this time period to consider […]

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  • Some Reminders Before Field Corn Planting (Prostko) Based upon my 22 years of experience in Georgia, here are 3 things that I know will happen somewhere in a patch of field corn in 2021: 1) Herbicide carryover will be blamed for corn injury but low soil pH is the real problem (Figure 1). Favorable average soil test […]

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  • Acuron GT For Weed Control in Field Corn (Prostko) Syngenta recently received registration for a new postemergence field corn herbicide sold under the trade name of Acuron® GT.  Acuron® GT is very similar to Halex® GT but it contains an additional active ingredient (bicyclopyrone).  Syngenta has several similar field corn herbicides in the market and I have summarized […]

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