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Row Crop Disease Update for Cotton and Peanuts

By Bob Kemerait Peanut Rust has been found in multiple counties over the past week. Point: ┬ámany peanut growers STILL have 2 (or more) fungicide applications to go and they should (at least in SW District) factor PREVENTATIVE management of peanut rust in the equation. From Dr. Albert Culbreath: A…
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Spider Mites and Critical Insect Management Time in Peanut

By: Mark Abney We knew they were coming, and now they are here. The calls, emails, and texts have started to roll in reporting peanut fields in Georgia infested with two spotted spider mites. Finding mite infestations early, choosing an effective miticide, and applying the miticide correctly are critically important…
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Peanut Maturity Sampling

It is getting close to time to start checking peanut maturity. So here is a reminder of how to pull a sample for maturity checking. Remember a peanut hull scrape maturity check will be as accurate as the sample that you take. Pull or dig up at least 5 to…
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