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Anthem Flex Receives Peanut Label (Prostko)

Anthem Flex 4SE, from FMC,recently received full labeling for use in peanut.  Anthem Flex is a combination of pyroxasulfone (3.733 lbs/gal) and carfentrazone (0.267 lbs/gal).  I have been testing Anthem Flex for many years so there is lots of data supporting its use in GA.  Here are a few thoughts:

1) Anthem Flex will compete for market share in peanut with Dual Magnum (S-metolachlor), Outlook (dimethenamid-P), Warrant (acetochlor), and Zidua (pyroxasulfone). 

2) As far as I am concerned, there are no major differences between any of these herbicides when used in my recommended peanut weed control programs (Figure 1).

3) Anthem Flex and Zidua should only be applied POST in peanut due to crop injury concerns with PRE applications.  Either can be tank-mixed with Gramoxone, Cadre, or Cobra.  

4) Since Anthem Flex also contains carfentrazone (the same AI in Aim), higher levels of foliar leaf injury (burn) should be expected (Figure 2).  However, this increased leaf injury has not resulted in significant peanut yield losses.

5) I have tank-mixed Anthem Flex with the following fungicides: Tilt/Bravo, Abound, Fontelis, Provost, Priaxor, Artisan, and Elast.  Peanut leaf burn was increased 6%-12% when Tilt/Bravo, Fontelis, Artisan, and Elast were tank-mixed with Anthem Flex but peanut yields were not reduced.     

5) For additional information about the research that I have conducted on Anthem Flex in peanut, refer to the following PowerPoint slide presentation:

6) A copy of the complete Anthem Flex label can be obtained from the following location:

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