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What I think is most important at the moment is white mold on peanuts.  Conditions are red-hot for early outbreaks of white-mold based upon

A) very hot temperatures in the recent past and now

B) ample rainfall and soil moisture. 

Whether banded early season applications of Proline (5.7 fl oz) or including something as simple as tebuconazole (7.2 fl oz/A) with the first applications of chlorothalonil, or bumping up Priaxor to 8 fl oz or starting with the 7.3 oz Elatus at 45 days after planting, doing SOMETHING for white mold could be very helpful.  Also, continuing the season with strong white mold/leaf spot programs is essential as well.


CORN:  No southern corn rust is know in the state.


SOYBEANS:  We have Asian soybean rust in kudzu patches across the Coastal Plain.  If the soybeans were mine, I would absolutely plan to apply at least one fungicide to them and maybe more beginning sometime between first bloom and early pod set.  Absolutely I would…

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