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Peanut Post-emergence Weed Control and Tank Mixing

We are in the 30-45 days after planting range for a lot of peanuts in the county. A lot of people are going to use Cadre + 2,4-DB based off the phone calls.

If grass is an issue in your peanut field, it is important to remember to go ahead and do your Cadre+2,4-DB and then wait a few days(3-4) for the grass to start actively growing out of the initial spray and use your grass herbicide.

Reason Why: Grass herbicide efficacy will be reduced when mixed with your Cadre+2,4-DB and other POST combinations.

You can decide to tank mix, but expect some reduced efficacy if you wanted to save a trip in the field.

Another Point: Your first white mold treatment scheduled around this time, can be mixed with your grass herbicide or Cadre+2,4-DB in order to save a trip for those who are wanting to do so.

Also, If you have ALS-herbicide resistance in your field, and are looking to control pigweed around this time, consider using Cobra, or Ultra Blazer with 2,4-DB. These two options have shown to help clean up pigweed pretty decent this far along in the season when needed.

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