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Peanut Update

Peanuts in the county have really benefited from rains that we received earlier. Now, irrigation is back up and running in much of the county. In recent field visits, Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV) seems to be higher in general; there are many factors that attribute to risk of TSWV. We are planning to survey peanut fields in the county to get better information on the disease incidence – we would like to visit 10 or more fields to get TSWV ratings, so we may reach out to some of our growers soon. Conditions have been perfect for white mold and leaf spot, so stay on a good fungicide schedule to protect the crop. If we can assist you, just let us know.

Cotton Update

As of this afternoon, we have observed silverleaf whiteflies increasing in number and spreading out to most areas in the county. Be checking your cotton fields to be able to treat this pest on time. Later planted cotton will be at higher risk, but they can be in any cotton field. See the article from earlier this week “Cotton Pests are on the Rise” for pictures of pests and more information on scouting and managing pests.

If we can be of assistance at Worth County Extension, please let us know.