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Now is the time that many growers are finishing up harvest and planning for next year. The UGA Crop Comparison Tool has been a great tool to use in planning for crop production scenarios for growers. Each year there are questions and decisions to make for the upcoming growing season. Many of our Extension specialists work to also update crop budgets annually.

Individuals/growers can access the comparison tool and crop budgets at the following website: https://agecon.uga.edu/extension/budgets.html

Many of these are in an Excel spreadsheet that is interactive and can be adapted to specific costs per acre or price for an individual farming operation. The crop budgets or crop comparison tool can also be printed for a hard copy, if one prefers to work on paper. If you or someone you know has questions or would like to visit about these tools, please let us know at the Worth County Extension Office.

If we can be of assistance to you at Worth County Extension, please let us know.