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October 2020

  • Nitrates in Forages

    Recently, I have received some questions about nitrates in livestock forages. Rain after extended dry periods in pastures and hay fields have been fertilized can increase forage nitrate levels. Nitrate levels above 4,500 ppm in dry forage can be dangerous to cattle and other livestock. Therefore, it is important to have all forages tested to…

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  • Peanut harvest is getting back to speed and it looks like we have, thankfully have, very good harvest conditions for cotton and peanut for a while. Areolate mildew (Ramularia) on cotton is aggressive in a number of fields in South Georgia.  If you are within 4 weeks of defoliating, I probably would not do anything.…

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  • Whitetails 101 Webinar

    On October 7, 2020, several county Extension offices will be hosting a Whitetails 101 webinar. Complete details and registration information can be found by clicking on the link below. Whitetails-101

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