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Weekly County Update 11/6/2020

Our new Tri-County Vegetable Agent, Ty Torrance, started this week. I’ll be getting Ty around to visit and meet our vegetable producers here soon. We have some late cotton that should be getting defoliated soon. Boll rot caused us to chase some cotton this year. Next year we’re going to look at some techniques to help prevent the severity of boll rot. Peanuts are slowing way down as most people are finishing. We have a few late-planted fields that are still being picked. Overall I’ve heard that weights are off from last year but the grades have been good.

Low prices are always a sore subject, this year it’s hitting pecan growers. We kind of expected prices to be lower but not this low. With the bummer crop of pecans, I hope we can see some turnaround soon.

Guess what? We now have to watch Tropical Depression Eta. A few days ago Eta wasn’t a threat but now she is projected to slingshot from Mexico up across Cuba and into South Florida by Sunday. Eta is projected to strengthen off of the warm gulf waters and transition back into a tropical storm. There is a minimal chance Eta could move into South Georgia, but nothing surprises me anymore this year.