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Focus on White Mold

Bob Kemerait, UGA Plant Pathologist, sends us nice updates on what diseases are occurring across the state in our Agronomic crops.  he also updates us on any other events going on in his life.  His recent email reminded me that we really need to stay on top of white mold.  Across this part of the state I see white mold as the worst disease we have on peanuts and the one that robs us of tons of peanuts annually.

The key to good white mold control is to start early.  This means that in your first fungicide application you need to have a product that is rated for soil borne diseases.  Something as simple as tebuconazole in the tank with chlorothalonil will help.  There are many other options and ones that are better than others.  You should select products based on you risk for disease.

Use this GUIDE to help make decisions on disease risk.

A listing of the sponsored peanut spray programs can be found HERE.

If you have specific questions about products or programs don’t hesitate to contact your County Agent.