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Mycotoxin Overview

PDF Version Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by certain fungi.  Secondary metabolites are compounds that are produced by an organism but are not required for normal metabolic activities like growth or reproduction.  Antibiotics are also secondary metabolites produced by fungi, however, the classification of something as an antibiotic or a…
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How to Make an Egg

PDF Version Modern laying hens have been genetically selected for a rapid laying cycle that makes each bird able to produce 260+ eggs per year, with over 72 million table eggs being eaten worldwide — making the laying hen one of the single most important providers of high-quality human nutrition. …
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Feeding Poultry Right

PDF Version If you raise poultry as a hobby, or on a small-scale, it’s typically not feasible to mix your own feed.  Larger-scale commercial operations maintain the ability to purchase bulk amounts of the individual ingredients, plus have the equipment to grind, mix, and pellet their feed.  Buying an already…
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