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  • UGA Ag Econ Extension has three new publications related to the ARC/PLC decision process.  These publications are designed to help producers and landowners with base acres make informed decisions related to the 2018 Farm Bill.

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  • From October 8-11, FSA and UGA Agricultural Economics will be holding joint producer meetings throughout the state on 3 major government support programs.  This will include disaster assistance, trade assistance, and farm safety net programs.  FSA representatives will discuss program details.  A UGA Agricultural Economist will discuss implications, the producer decision process, and related issues.   Come learn more about the following topics and get answers to your questions!

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  • On Friday, the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 was passed which included the designation of seed cotton as a covered commodity. Landowners will have 90 days to make decisions on generic base conversion for their farms.

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  • Georgia Ag Forecast is an annual seminar series presented by the UGA College of Agricultural

    and Environmental Sciences in partnership with the Georgia Center of Innovation for

    Agribusiness and the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Their goal is to give you an update that will help you prepare for next growing season.

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  • GACAA The 2017 Georgia Association of County Agricultural Agents (GACAA) annual meeting and professional improvement conference was held in Columbus at the beginning of the month. I competed in the applied research poster competition with research conducted with the Laurens County Agent, Raymond Joyce. We won our competition for our work with creep feeding calves […]

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  • Over the last couple of years there have been many peanut farmers who have taken significant financial loss from Seg. 2 peanuts.

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  • With the 2014 farm bill, cotton base on a farm became Generic Base. If you’ll recall, cotton base on a farm was frozen (could not be increased or decreased) but all other bases on the farm (bases of “covered commodities” like corn, soybeans, peanuts, wheat, etc.) could be retained as is or reallocated based on acres planted 2009-2012.

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  • Background and Summary of Recent Cotton Policy Developments  Don Shurley – Cotton Economist/Professor Emeritus of Cotton Economics Under the 2014 farm bill, cotton is not a “covered commodity” and not eligible for the ARC and PLC programs. Cotton’s “safety net” is STAX but STAX has not been as well utilized and accepted by growers as expected.

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