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I don’t want this blog to just become a site for re-posting things but this made me smile this morning and I thought it may brighten someone’s day.

Below is an exert from today’s online posting: https://growinggeorgia.com/features/2017/10/9-truths-about-farmers-should-make-you-proud-be-one/?utm_source=Growing+Georgia&utm_campaign=b81daddaf0-growinggeorgia-daily_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4643f190f7-b81daddaf0-287994613

9 Truths about Being a Farmer That Should Make You Proud to be One

By Lynne Hayes – Growing America

  1. Farmers have multiple personalities – This morning, you took a tractor apart, this afternoon, you treated a mama cow for an udder infection. In between, you were a carpenter, soil scientist, accountant, salesman, electrician and geneticist. Need we say more
  2. Farmers are Wall Street traders without the suits – Try and explain the futures market to your urban friends and watch their eyes glaze over.
  3. Farmers are human encyclopedias – We’re totally for getting a college degree, but have you ever tried to challenge an oldster on his or her farming knowledge? You’ll lose.
  4. Farmers have the thickest skin and the deepest faith – Be proud of it…you’re able to weather the most devastating crop loss and pull yourself up with a smile next season and do it all over again, because this one’s going to be great.
  5. Farmers have a gift for making something out of nothing – You know there’s a big difference between gross profit and net profit, but even when you don’t net anything, you find a way to make ends meet and are proud of your “good fortune.”
  6. Farmers are self-sufficient in a million ways – If need be, your grocery store is out the back door, just like your fitness center, your summer camp, and your psychotherapist (nothing settles the mind like watching a sunset uninterrupted by tall buildings).
  7. Farmers are the most community-minded people on the planet – In the midst of wildfires, superstorms and blizzards, who’s out there saving animals, spraying rooftops and sharing whatever equipment they have to help each other out? First responders, of course…and you. It’s just the way you’re made.
  8. Farmers are better weathermen than…weathermen – Nobody is more obsessed (or needs to be) about the weather than you….and we’ve heard you talk about the effects of barometric pressure and identify cloud formations like a pro. Pretty awesome.
  9. Farmers prefer to be breadwinners rather than billionaires – Not that you wouldn’t like a few extra bucks in the bank, but we know you’d say you farm because you love the independence, being close to the land, working side by side with those you love, and knowing you’re helping to feed the world. It’s a great life.

Happy Harvesting Everyone!!

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