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Peanut Farmers

As farmers around the county are wrapping up peanut planting our focus begins to switch. Over the next few weeks growers will be looking at their next step in peanut weed control. The May 25th Article from Southeast Farm Press sends a great message to peanut growers. I felt like it was worth posting again on this Blog:

You can view the original article here.
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Pecan Phylloxera

The southern pecan leaf phylloxera is a tiny aphid-like insect that feeds on the foliage of pecan trees.  The insects are rarely seen, but the galls that they cause are prominent.
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Prevent Fish Kills in Your Pond

Most of the pond calls we receive in the Extension office refer to fish kills, weeds, and fertilization. Sometimes all are related. Weeds are annoying, so everyone wants a clean pond to fish. We need to be careful though and not forget about our fish when we treat the ponds. We are here to…
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