Be on the lookout for Asian Ambrosia beetle in young pecan tree plantings. We have had reports coming in from various locations throughout the state, including Cook County, the Ft. Valley area, and sites in Eastern Georgia as well. As temperatures begin to warm up this week the activity could pick up as well.

Asian ambrosia beetle damage on young pecan tree

Due to excessive rain in February many fields are very wet and planting was delayed. These late planted trees, especially in wet areas, are the most likely to be affected. They will still be under considerable transplant shock and will be the most attractive to beetles.

If you have had problems with this pest before or if you have newly planted trees which have been planted in the last 2-3 weeks, it is likely a good idea to begin spraying the trunks of young (1-3 yr old) trees with a pyrethroid like Bifenthrin. If trees are covered with tubes to protect the trunk, remove the tubes before spraying or spray down into the tube, being sure to coat the trunk as best you can.

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