The UGA pecan research and Extension team have worked together to develop this pecan production management calendar.

This circular is a calendar-based management reference for pecan production in the Southeastern U.S. It provides an easy-to-use graphical guide for management decisions regarding crop phenology, irrigation and fertilization requirements, disease, and insect and mite arthropod pest management. It also includes information on production activities including timing for planting, harvesting, and nutrient sampling. Information on bearing and non-bearing trees are provided to address the different management requirements for these orchards. Temporally precise management decisions on horticultural activities, disease suppression, and insect pest control will maximize efficiency, improve tree health, optimize crop quality and yield, and promote ecological and economic sustainability.

This calendar has been printed on a 4’ x 4’ poster material with the financial support from the GA Pecan Commodity Commission. It is available in regular poster paper and water-resistant paper. Copies are available for free at the Georgia Pecan Growers Association office in Tifton. Call them first before going there to ensure availability.

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