The University of Georgia and USDA-Byron research scientists are collaborating in a project entitled, “Pecan Hedge-pruning: A Sustainable Management Option for the Southeastern US”. The project will assess the effects of pecan hedge-pruning on critical horticultural parameters (nut yield, quality, water-use efficiency, and nutrition), disease (incidence and severity of scab, colonization of branches by wood rot fungi), insect pest and natural enemy populations and pest-related injuries. The project will also evaluate impacts of hedge-pruning on soil-borne entomopathogens. A comprehensive economic analysis and implementation of Extension and Outreach programs will also be conducted based on the research results.

A vital part of this study is obtaining grower perceptions on pecan hedge-pruning, hence we are conducting this survey. We would greatly appreciate your participation. Your responses are tremendously helpful for researchers to evaluate the effectiveness of hedge-pruning pecan trees and develop recommendations for growers in the region. 

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