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Clarification on Pindar Herbicide

I apologize for the confusion regarding Pindar but I wanted to clarify some things regarding its use in pecan:

Pindar is a combination of oxyflurofen, a PPO MoA, and pinoxsulam, a ALS MoA, with both having PRE and POST activity. Pindar’s residual may not last as long as indaziflam’s but Pindar will still provide 3-5 months residual control,  which is quite good. The only real problem I see with Pindar is that the label states it can only be applied after harvest and up until the emergence of green leaf tissue, which provides a short window for its use. Since bud-break has arrived we are about out of that window. However, Pindar is a good option for growers who want to keep their strips clean over the dormant season.

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