It is not hard to find tobacco thrips in peanuts right now. We have seen adult thrips in the crop for a couple weeks, and immature stages are present now as well. Adult numbers on the yellow sticky traps declined over the last seven days which is what we would expect as the forth generation dispersal activity winds down.

Many of you have heard me discuss the idea that thrips feeding damage is more likely to cause yield loss when the plant is faced with multiple stresses. We have a non-irrigated trial that has good thrips pressure and has had very little rain over the last couple weeks. We plan to broadcast Gramoxone, Storm, and Dual over the top today. Check the blog next week for pictures and an update on crop condition.

Thrips graph 6-4-2014


These data are being provided for informational purposes only and may not be representative of thrips dispersal at your location. Peanut fields should be scouted regularly to quantify actual thrips populations.

If you have questions about thrips or thrips management please contact your local county Extension agent.

*See 22 April post for a map of trap locations.


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