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Look Out for Fall Armyworm! Organic Options

First, check out this article for a good background of fall armyworm, with some pictures. Fall Armyworms are on the move Organic options are limited, and fall armyworms can do a great deal of damage in a short time. Take quick action when you notice fall armyworm or damage. Talk…
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Organic management of wasps

Paul Guillebeau Probably no insect is more reviled than wasps. We are wrong to despise them or kill them (in most cases). Most wasps are very small and care nothing about humans. Mostly, they put an egg in or near their hosts, resulting in the death of the host….
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Herbicide Carryover in Compost and Hay

Have you ever experienced strangely deformed new growth on your tomatoes? Every year I receive several reports of virus-like damage to tomatoes due to carryover of herbicides in hay and the manure of hay-eating animals. The herbicides in question are in the pyridine carboxylic acid class of broad-leaf weed herbicides…
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