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Elevate Your Relationship

The University of Georgia is aiming to share a free research-based relationship course.  Military-connected families aren’t immune to the challenges that all couples face. But they do experience additional and unique challenges of military life which can complicate their relationships. The Elevate workshop offers military-connected and veteran couples relationship-building skills and strategies to elevate their relationship. Couples who reside or work in Georgia can attend.

Virtual training and face-to-face training (in select counties) across Georgia are available. Participants are asked to participate in 12 hours of guided activities that promote the seven core skills and qualities for relationship success.

Also,  it pays to attend elevate because the more classes couples attend the more gift cards they can receive. A total of $160 in e-gift cards per couple for attending all 8 sessions is available to attendees.

Why are we sharing this with you? First, you can attend this training to support your growth if you are in a relationship. We want to ensure those supporting others are supported too. Secondly, to share with the families you serve. The Elevate relationship workshops will be going on for the next 5-years, so this is a consistent resource you can share. If you would like targeted Elevate resources for the community, service branch, county, or the like that you serve please email Dr. Catherine O’Neal at . You can also direct all questions to Dr. O’Neal. Also, you are welcome to share this as widely as you feel comfortable and able.