Engaging Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteers in meaningful discussion about volunteering, outreach and community.

Phenomenal Pollinators

Pollinator gardens are valuable community gardens, education centers for all ages, and unique outdoor laboratories. They educate visitors about pollinators, their life cycles, and their food preferences at each life stage. Not only are they diverse in their plant life and the pollinators they attract, but they also function to…
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MGLOG: What key words will you choose?

One of the added features to our project proposal process is key words. By associating key words with the project proposal, we know more about what MGEVs are doing across the state. Key words help us to see trends in what MGEVs are being asked by their communities to address….
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MGLOG: Which state initiative should I use?

In Georgia, the MGEV Program has 5 main areas of priority when it comes to reaching out to the public. These initiatives provide a great framework for our program, focusing our training, skill development, and resource generation. Our outreach, or programming, focuses primarily on Environmental Stewardship, but also addresses Home…
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MGLOG: So you want to propose a MGEV project!

MGEV Glenda Garris in Henry County has been actively involved in working with community gardens throughout Henry County. In fact, she was instrumental in establishing Community Gardens of Henry County, Inc., several years ago. The organization does the lion’s share of organizing and managing the community gardens, but they call…
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MGEVs Enjoy Demonstration Gardens

Master Gardeners LOVE to build demonstration gardens! For the past several years, MGEVs report volunteering at demonstration gardens with the highest frequency of any other project. I often receive questions about starting a demonstration garden, what to do with it, and how to handle certain aspects of managing a demonstration…
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Taking a Look at MGEV Projects

Recently, a request came across the GAMG listserv for stories about school gardens. The response was great — I enjoyed reading about elementary, middle, and high school projects with different goals and outcomes! I applaud you for investing in today’s youth, and thank you for sharing gardening and horticulture with…
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