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About sdorn

Sheri is the State Coordinator for the Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program and Extension Specialist for Consumer Ornamentals. When she is not traveling about the state of Georgia admiring the work of Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteers, she spends time in her own (real and virtual) gardens.

Program Innovations

We have been working on a few innovations for the Georgia MGEV Program that you might find interesting! Since most of you reading this post are beyond the training phase, you might not know about these projects unless I tell you here. Did you know about our new program application?…
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ProjectMapIt! Is Underway

Have you heard about the MGEV mapping project? Affectionately known as “ProjectMapIt!,” this project will take place during summer and fall of 2018. Project Coordinators are ideal people to answer the questions about each MGEV project. We will use an online link that can be clicked to tell us about the…
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Planning to go to IMGC 2019?

In odd-numbered years, Extension Master Gardener volunteers from all over the country gather together for the International Master Gardener Conference. The conferences are terrific! The first  one I attended was in 1997 in Sacramento, CA. I still use my copy of Renee Shepherd’s cookbook that I received as a door…
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Southern Garden All-Stars

Are you busy on June 21, 2018? If so, you might want to change your plans! I just got this information and an invitation to share with MGEVs! Go here to register for this event ($40). Southern Garden All-Stars Athens Garden Program Thursday, June 21, 2018, 8:20am – 12:00pm The State…
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