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About sdorn

Sheri is the State Coordinator for the Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program and Extension Specialist for Consumer Ornamentals. When she is not traveling about the state of Georgia admiring the work of Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteers, she spends time in her own (real and virtual) gardens.

New Advanced Trainings Being Offered This Fall

Have you seen the details on the latest Advanced Training offered to MGEVs? We have a full fall line-up that SURELY has something you are interested in! We’ll talk plants and sites and youth, and we’ll also covered some of those “required” topics, like leadership and making presentations. Lots of…
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New Recordkeeping System Coming for MGEVs!

Have you heard about the recordkeeping system being built for the Georgia MGEV Program? A team of Agents and Program Assistants who work with MGEV programs contributed to the design of the system. It is tailored to meet many needs of the Georgia volunteer program. I am so excited about…
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Pressed (flowers) Between Books

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of visitingĀ a certain theme park in Orlando. It was spring time, and so many things were in bloom! I recognized many flowers, like azaleas, fuchsias, and petunias, but others I did not recognize (cut me some slack — I haven’t lived forever…
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Does time working with garden clubs count?

Frequently you ask, “I am a member of the local garden club. We work on projects out in the community, teaching youth to garden or educating adults about plants. Can I count this as MGEV hours?” Sometimes yes, sometimes no. There is rarely a definitive answer, is there? MGEV hours…
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Taking a Look at MGEV Projects

Recently, a request came across the GAMG listserv for stories about school gardens. The response was great — I enjoyed reading about elementary, middle, and high school projects with different goals and outcomes! I applaud you for investing in today’s youth, and thank you for sharing gardening and horticulture with…
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Tried-and-Trues for the Garden

So, last Friday, I bid you well wishes for a weekend of bliss in the garden. I managed only to plant a single row in the vegetable garden on Friday night (because we were also installing the drip irrigation system), and of course the rest of the weekend was a…
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Happy (Gardening) Friday!

How are you enjoying your spring garden? Are you out there planting vegetable or perennials? Have you picked out a new shrub cultivar? Are you still at the garden center making a decision? Are you sorry the rains have slowed down? I have been out of town for a couple…
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Bring the Training home

Want to bring some Advanced Training home to your county? The State Program Office has a challenge for you! If your county program sends 15 people to Master Gardener University, we’ll come to you! We’ll schedule a “Creative Teaching Techniques” Advanced Training in your county. This class meets the “required”…
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