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On Tuesday, February 20, 2024, Coweta County MGEVs and ANR Agent, Stephanie Butcher, joined Sheri and Sarah of the GA MGEV State Program Office to participate in special events honoring the impact horticulture has in the state of Georgia. We teamed up with GGIA (Georgia Green Industry Association) and UGA, Southern Crescent, and Gwinnett Tech Horticulture students to give the gift of plants to representatives and staff members in the Capitol building. Students worked with GGIA ‘s director and advisors to share Autumn ferns while Master Gardeners shared peat pellets and basil seeds for growing basil at home. Check out the guide we put together on starting plants from seeds using peat pellets. You are likely very familiar with the delight that comes with sharing plants with others, and it was a joy to be invited to the Capitol and start our morning with sharing seeds and answering questions about growing plants and what it means to be a Master Gardener Extension Volunteer.

We then visited with Representative Lynn Smith, a Master Gardener herself, who understands the value of the garden as a place to learn, work through challenges, and find hope. Members of the House of Representatives then gathered for the morning session. We were recognized from our seats in the gallery as Representative Smith was joined by Representatives Dickey, Gaines, Gambill, and Wiedower for the presentation of House Resolution 955 which recognized the service of the Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program on the 45th anniversary of the program in Georgia. Special thanks to Representative Lynn Smith for her support of the Master Gardener Program!

It was an honor to be recognized at the Capitol and we look forward to more events this year honoring all Master Gardener Extension Volunteers and shining a light on the tremendous work they do in Georgia communities to connect people and plants!