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Many of you participated in the listening sessions and surveys during 2020 that enabled us to gather great insight into the Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program. We certainly appreciate all of the participation in these sessions. We had great response and really felt like we had heard from our stakeholders. A team of six agents, program assistants, and the State Coordinator worked together in 2021 to analyze all of the data and to write a plan to guide the program over the next five years.

The resulting strategic plan focuses on five strategic priorities, including Program Coordination, Volunteer Engagement, Marketing/Promotion, Technology, and Training. During the August 2021 Program Update Day (an event for Extension personnel who coordinate MGEV programs), the State Program Office shared the plan and state-level goals with agents and program assistants and engaged them in identifying county-level actions for addressing the priorities in the next five years.

We also shared an overview of the plan with MGEVs during November’s Thoughtful Thursday session. If you missed that presentation, you can watch the archive. Simply log in to your MGLOG account and access the Thoughtful Thursday archives.

Today, we are happy to share with you that we FINALLY updated the strategic planning project website!! It took us a while, as last year was focused on wrapping up the revision of the Georgia Master Gardener Handbook. So, if you’d like to read the strategic plan, be sure to visit the webpage and download a copy!

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