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I hope this message finds each one of you healthy and happy as we head toward the holiday season and the end of this year. This year has been like no other, and I bet every Master Gardener’s garden is all the better for it!

Even though many things have been different this year, a few things remain the same. For the Georgia MGEV program, we’ll close our year-end reporting on the last Friday in January like we always do (that will be January 29, 2021). Just like previous years, I encourage you to report your volunteer service and continuing education hours in MGLOG. MGLOG support resources, including instructions for entering hours, are on our webpage. While there is no penalty this year for not reaching 25 hours (read more in this August post), we still want to know what you have been working on! So many of you were creative in finding ways to continue volunteering. We will still share our numbers with UGA Extension administration and they will still be included in our state and federal reports.

If you are using MGLOG over the next two weeks, please be patient with our replies. The State Program Office will be closed for the holiday break. Help requests will be monitored, but there may be a slight delay in response time. If you forget your password, be sure to use the password recovery button found on the MGLOG login page. That feature is automated and the response will come immediately, unless your account is on inactive status due to out-of-date risk management training (in this case, contact your local program coordinator).

Thank you for all of your efforts this year! I certainly appreciate all that Georgia MGEVs do to share horticulture, plants, and gardening with your communities. Best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday season!!

PS: Despite operating outside of normal this year, we’ve accomplished a lot! An expanded annual report for 2019, our 40th year; a major update to MGLOG; lots of social media and zoom sessions; a major strategic planning project; and more!! Here’s a fun review of 2020 from Trellis photos!

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