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You’re likely very familiar with Zoom as we continue to use the online platform for everything from local project meetings to virtual learning opportunities like Thoughtful Thursday sessions and Regional Leadership Conferences. Zoom has recently updated to version 5.0. If you have not updated your software, you may experience issues joining meetings. To avoid any difficulties participating in live sessions for GA MGEVs like the Regional Leadership Conferences or monthly Thoughtful Thursday webinars, check out the tips below provided by the CAES Office of Information Technology:

  • If you have the Zoom desktop client installed on your computer, be sure you have updated to version 5.0.  Any version before version 5.0 does not handle the new security protocols. Visit the Zoom Help Center for support resources and to download the latest version.
  • If you are using Zoom through your browser, make sure you are using a current version of Firefox, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge – Internet Explorer is old and no longer supported so you cannot use that browser to attend a Zoom meeting any longer.  Additionally, if you open the browser in what is referred to as Private or Incognito mode, the browser will not use any existing temporary Internet files the browser may have already stored from an old meeting and it will delete those files once the browser is closed.
  • For FAQs, support articles, and video tutorials, visit the Zoom Help Center.