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Resources for GA MGEVs

We have been celebrating you, MGEVs, all week this week, and it has been great! As your photos and quotes have rolled out and you’ve “liked” or “loved” or shared, our notifications have lit up.

We have one more special treat for you, if you haven’t found it already!

We have a special set of volunteer celebration videos, just for you. They are on our new “Volunteer Appreciation” webpage. Simply go to gamastergardener.org, and click “Volunteer Appreciation” on the left navigation bar. You’ll come to an entire page of great photos and quotations.

Mid-way down on the page are two videos. Click the “play” button to watch them. These photos, memories, and statements are just a small way of sharing your accomplishments and thoughtfulness with others.

It’s been a true pleasure to celebrate you this week! Thank you for all that you do to support Extension and to share your love of plants with others!

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