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Name Badges!

Released in Fall 2018 was the first round of Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer name badges featuring the updated logo and representing updates in University branding. You may notice this new badge looks similar to the one your Extension agent wears. You will also notice that badges worn by Extension personnel have been updated several times just like the GA MGEV badges, but most importantly we all represent UGA Extension. Name badges are ordered twice each year, first in the Spring and then in the Fall. If you are a new MGEV Trainee, welcome to the program! Your agent will order your badge for you. If you have misplaced your badge, would like to have an extra to keep in the car, or if you have moved counties recently and need a new badge to reflect the correct volunteer county name, let your agent/program coordinator know that you need a replacement name badge. There is a charge of $10.00 for replacement name badges.