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We introduced our statewide recordkeeping system, MGLOG, in 2014, and have really appreciated the conveniences that it offers. It is so nice to tally information with a click of a button or to be able to send in hours without messing with spreadsheets or worrying about lost time sheets.

It hasn’t been perfect. We’ve learned along the way that we needed some adjustments. We know that it STILL needs some adjustments (display web version, anyone??). That’s why it is so exciting to be able to tell you that we are going to launch an UPDATED MGLOG in November!!

For starters, the new MGLOG will look different. We will lose what I have affectionately called “the John Deere look,” referring to the green and yellow color scheme. We will now have a red and black color scheme that will feel a little more like UGA!


A sneak peek at the new and improved MGLOG, coming November

The new MGLOG will feel a little different. Rather than accessing menu options down the right side of your home page, you’ll now have a toolbar across the top.

We’ll have all the great functionality of the first MGLOG with a few more features! For starters, I can’t wait for the option to save some of my frequent report and search settings. When I look at fiscal or calendar year reports to share with administration, I have to constantly enter date ranges. With the new MGLOG, I set it up once and save the format! You’ll also find a few more charts and graphs that will help you visualize your progress and efforts.

We’re also pretty excited to resolve that glitch we had with iPads and tablets. So many of you struggled with entering hours that didn’t get saved because of this. That will no longer be a problem with the new system. It’s about time, right?

Alright, for those of you who might not like new things, especially computer software,  you might want to go ahead and enter your 2019 volunteer hours into the system now before it updates. Even though the new system will not throw curve balls at you, you’ve still got time to do the bulk of your entry on the existing system. We will launch the new MGLOG in November, after we complete badge ordering in September/October. Hope you enjoy it as much as we will!

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