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2019 Search for Excellence Awards

from the International Master Gardener Conference Update Newsletter…

There’s something exciting that’s been added to the International Master Gardener Conference website!  So many have been asking when Search for Excellence (SFE) would be posted… the answer is NOW!  Use the links below to read all about SFE and how your group project can qualify.  Share the news with your fellow Master Gardeners and start working on those applications!  

Search for Excellence, IMGC 2019

Search for Excellence (SFE) is the recognition program of the Extension Master Gardener (EMG) Program. The awards acknowledge exemplary volunteer work throughout the United States, Canada and South Korea.  SFE has seven categories in which EMGs can demonstrate  outstanding contributions to their communities.

1.    Community Service

2.    Demonstration Garden(s)

3.    Innovative Project(s)

4.    Research (applied scientific methodology)

5.    Special Needs Audiences (senior, disabled audiences or horticultural therapy)

6.    Workshop(s) or Presentation(s)

7.    Youth

All Extension Master Gardener volunteer projects are significant to their communities, but not all are SFE projects. SFE is designed to recognize outstanding group projects and not an individual who does outstanding work.

New this year, the application process for the 2019 Search for Excellence Awards is on-line; this includes the application, a form to upload images, and a form for verification of eligibility.

To apply for SFE, the Master Gardener(s) will:

1.  Read through the information about SFE on the website
2.  Gather the information needed for the application
3.  Complete the application and electronically submit it
4.  Upload up to 6 images to support your project
5.  Forward the emails sent by the system (copy of the application and images) to the MG Advisor/Coordinator and request that, within 7 days, they complete the verification form

The application is not complete until the verification form has been submitted by the MG Advisor/Coordinator.  The verification letter must be received within 7 days of the application submission.  The applicant will be notified once the application, images, and verification form are received.

If issues with the on-line submission process are encountered, the applicant should contact Diane Nolan using the on-line contact form or email her directly at for assistance.


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